Who We Are

Build Business. Sell Inventory. Book Rooms

ConventionCalendar.com and SwiftRFP℠ are tools for convention sales and marketing professionals. The technology platform includes an internet based calendar of event fed by participating destinations and venue managers. Our customers utilize the program at the earliest stages of event planning to research event production and find open dates. Event Planners, attendees, exhibitors, and local stakeholders are able to subscribe cost/commission free. The program is funded by participating CVB and venue partners. The application is owned and operated by Destination Advantage LLC.

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We provide an unique environment dedicated for event managment and RFP processing using the latest tehnology.

Detailed Reports

We provide a complete statistics system which can be connected with third-party applications as google analytics.

Communication & Notification system

Get connected with users, venues, establish group or private chats, get notifications on your preferred apps, and much more!


Create, design and publish events, create media albums, create unique pages, and much more!


We provide a complete asset of tools for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Booking System

A complete booking system designed to easy any venue work.

Widgets & Components

Create and design your own unique RFP forms, design your calendar components, and much more!

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API System

We provide a complete API infrastructure that allows interraction with third-party applications or services.

Custom E-mail Templates

Brand your Venue e-mail templates by using our unique template engine.